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  • Quick note: you’ll notice that I’m not including myself on here. That’s because I want to give you different resources to draw from. And to keep it as unbiased as possible, that means I’m not including myself. Though I think I’m pretty damn great
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Deep down you want more. You might not be hurting for anything, but you’re far from happy. Deep down, you want to change your life for one reason or another.

What gives?

Maybe you’ve told yourself that you should be happy, you have everything taken care of. You don’t need to change your life.

Or maybe you are hurting for more. Either way the end result is the same; you’re not happy.

You’re just content.

Deep down, there’s this uneasy feeling that you’re not living up to your full potential. Perhaps you’ve tried to upgrade and change your life before and failed, or given up. It’s possible that you don’t know where to go, who to learn from or what to do.

What you do know, in the core of your soul, is that you need to do something different if you want happiness.

That’s what this resource will do for you. It will be a living document that gets updated as time goes on. A living document to help you change your life for the better. To help you become the man that you were born to be.

It is the ultimate resource of who to learn from to become the powerful, sexy man full of confidence that you should be.

Infographic of Everyone

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Meeting and Understanding Women

Chase Amante

The man all girls chase: Chase Amante
All Girls Chase Him. Chase Amante

This is a resource that I cannot praise enough.

Chase Amante is a man who has been at it for a long time. GC is the first website that I can remember landing on when I started my own journey with women.

And I can honestly say that if it were not for then I don’t think that I’d even be alive right now. I certainly wouldn’t be as far in my journey with life without it.

Chase is an extremely down-to-earth guy who does his best to give the information to you straight. He pulls a lot of information from studies (his One Date program alone has over one thousand!) but he still manages to come off as someone who is both charismatic and fair in his writing.

Chase primarily focuses on teaching men different ways of interacting with women, both inside (1, 2, 3) and outside of the bedroom for meeting women. But he also dives into understanding people and group dynamics, and even making friends (1, 2, 3) on occasion.

To say that this website will change your life is an understatement. Honestly, I could link to a TON more articles, but I’ll stop there so that I don’t break the internet.

Other writers of GC focus on their own strengths, but Chase definitely stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Don’t get me wrong, the others are great, but Chase will always be the go-to guy for me.

If you want to learn how to meet women, if you want to do better with women and learn how to understand women then check out

With over 2,000 articles, GC is without a doubt in my mind, the best resource on the internet when it comes to women. They’ve got a bunch of different writers and you can expect around five articles per week.

All of them being held to their standard of excellence that is damn near impossible to come close to matching. I don’t know how they do it.

I’ve had the pleasure of going part-way through Chase’s flagship product: One Date. If you want the shortcut of shortcuts in getting results with women, make sure to pick it up.

It’s amazing. They have helped me change my life and they will help you change your life.

Hector Castillo

The philosophical playboy Hector: here to help you change your life and possibly steal your girl
Mr steal yo girl: Hector Castillo

Hector is something of a Brolosopher. Which means that he can be the dumb hot jock one moment and start preaching about the intricacies of Aristotle and Socrates the next.

This is perfectly executed in his articles where he talks about why you should grab her ass more and then talk about the Divine Masculine and Feminine on the same site.

Hector can come across as aggressive in some of his article series to people that haven’t talked to him. The people that have talked to him understand that, that ‘aggression’ is his passion for helping men become the best version of themselves that women will lust over. It’s his passion centered around how to help you change your life for the better with women.

For two of my favorite articles of his check out his Seduction Spotlight on Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones and the first article in his series of “How to Be a Freak in Bed”. Because these are going to help transform you into the kind of man that women get wet for.

Finally, Hector is also the guy who re-started the GirlsChase YouTube channel. He now has help from some of the other writers, and some tried before him some years ago to get it launched. But Hector is the one who revived it and got it to start growing.

Check out my personal favorite video of his: Why You Should Annoy Your Girlfriend.

BlackDragonBlog (aka Caleb Jones)

Black Dragon Symbol
Black Dragon Caleb Jones

Caleb is an older guy who got started in his journey with women later in life. That makes him the perfect role model for men who are also getting a later start with women. This is because Caleb proves it’s never too late to change your life.

Caleb, or BD (for Black Dragon) as he’s come to be known, is a knowledge powerhouse in a number of areas.

The areas that you should turn to for information are his articles about non-monogamy and dating younger women as an older man.

Here is an article on how to start a non-monogamous relationship the right way, the objections to non-monogamy and the different types of non-monogamy.

I’ve read some of his books about non-monogamy and the information is spot on. To put it simply, it works. Without BD I wouldn’t have a clue about how to run my relationships the way I have the way that I’ve always dreamed.

BD is very much the definition of a man on a mission. He doesn’t have time for bullshit and his articles can come across as overpowering to some people.

But for the men who want that kind of message it will resonate far greater coming from him than anyone else.

He’s also got articles up on online dating that I’ve learned quite a bit from and adapted for myself. If you are an older man then you need to take a look at some of his articles.

Lastly, I will end with the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten from the BlackDragonBlog. And that’s information about the soft next. Other men have talked about it, but this is where everything crystallized for me.

If you don’t want your lovers to treat you with disrespect, then put boundaries in your life. In other words, people will treat you exactly how you allow them to treat you (and this works on friends/family, not just lovers).

The Soft Next is a tool to draw your line in the sand. If someone is disrespectful to you, they are not loving you in the moment (teasing is perfectly okay though). If you only look at one article in this section, please let it be this one.

The Rational Male

Rollo Tomassi the Godfather

Rollo Tomassi is called the godfather of the red pill community. That’s because he’s been around for ages, and his knowledge of hypergamy lives up to his title perfectly.

If you want to understand why women do the things they do, why they choose the men that they do, then look no further than Rollo.

Rollo is THE resource for understanding women in my humble opinion.

This article goes over a woman’s ovulation phase and how it relates to what she wants during certain times of the month. Because if you’ve ever had a girlfriend for a little while, you’ll notice that there are times when she is hornier than normal. And others where she’s a little cooler than normal.

That’s the power of her cycle at work.

But, this article is what puts the nail in the coffin about what you should do about it. Both are excellent articles to get you started on learning what to do with hypergamy and change your life with women.

Once you learn more about how hypergamy works you will understand the choices women make.

Once you figure out the inner workings of hypergamy you can start being ‘that guy’ that other guys envy. The type of guy that women are drawn to, especially with the advice of the other people on this resource.

There are a ton more articles from the Godfather. But those two articles are the best ones to start with.

After that, check out this one that goes over navigating the sexual market place.

Basically, what men and women bring to the table on average throughout their lives based on what men and women want biologically. Yes, I know there are ALWAYS going to be exceptions. But Rollo is talking about averages and averages rooted in biology here.

Understanding Relationships

Repetition is the mother of skill.

Coach Corey Wayne in videos everywhere
Coach Corey Wayne
The Coach

Primarily, what helped me the most was his texting advice and one of his beliefs that I have adopted. I took this belief because, quite simply, it works.

And that advice is this:

You have to be a source of masculine energy for the women in your life. But you have to let them come to you when they’re ready for it (for anyone familiar with David Deida’s book Corey was heavily influenced by it, as are some of the other people on this list).

Your lovers want your energy when they want it and not a second sooner and not a second later.

If you try to give them this energy when they don’t want it, when you chase women, they run away. Women want men who want them but don’t need them. And you embody this philosophy when you allow women to come to you.

You need to be a powerful man. Powerful men are patient men. They’re patient because they’re busy working on other things in their lives. Women pick up on this and that drive is an aphrodisiac to women.

When women start missing you they will want your energy. And when they want your energy they will come to you to get it. All you have to do is be patient.

Like the coach says, if she’s chasing you then she’s not dumping you!

It was like a key to texting salvation for me! So make sure to check it out above, or linked here again. It’s invaluable if you want to change your life with women.

Illimitable Man

I.M's symbol
Illimitable Man, Mystery, Genius. Machiavelli would be proud

Best known, in my opinion, for his ‘maxims’ on life and women alike. A man that Machiavelli himself would be proud of.

MAXIM #155 – Preface everything she says with “right now I feel like” and you will understand her better, for she is capriciously fickle

Fair warning: these are uncomfortable and brutal truth’s in the world. You will probably get upset about a few things in his different maxims.

A great deal of them require context, but the vast majority of them are true at least most of the time.

Here is another one from another list:

31. – Everyone judges you on your actions, but not everyone understands why you did what you did. Fewer care why.

In my experiences, this is definitely true. The only exception to this rule is if someone is personally invested in your success.

Which is a small number of people. Anyone that has fallen on hard times has experienced these fair weather friends that were never invested…

If you want to change your life permanently, make sure to look at his maxims.

Goldmund Unleashed

Goldmund Unleashed
Unleashed Camera Wizard

I’ve written a review of him and his book (which is phenomenal) before. For a more in-depth review make sure to check that out.

But Goldmund is the author of the infamous book: An Introduction to Camera Game. It’s a solid book that you should look into if you’re interested in both women and photography.

Goldmund is someone who is passionate about inspiring other men. Inspiring others in their own journey’s of self-improvement and to discover their own artistic sides. And that is the key message throughout his work, including his infamous book.

Because creativity is something, that I personally feel, that a lot of men ignore in favor of money. But what these guys don’t understand is that there is a wealth of passion, energy and even financial wealth available to those who aren’t afraid to explore their artistic sides. It helps people become more whole.

That isn’t all that Goldmund has to offer, though. He also has some articles that describe his overall style. A style, that is basically an artistic nomad with a depth of hidden and intoxicating understanding of the world. Someone who is sure of himself.

If you’re more a nomad type yourself then you will get tremendous value out of his website. For example, if you travel a lot then this is a must-read article about seducing women while you’re traveling.

If, however, you’re not quite there yet and struggling on how to get over your Introversion, Goldmund has you covered. Goldmund himself has had to overcome his own extreme Introversion.

And he shows you how he did it so that you can do the same thing and start living the life of your dreams sooner, rather than never.

In addition, Goldmund covers something that I believe is extremely important. Not everything is rose colored orgies. Failures happen, and they happen often.

Goldmund goes over some of the downsides of living a life abundant with women.

And that’s why a lot of guys give up. Not because they don’t have the ability to make it happen, but because it’s not always easy to change your life.

IG Casanova

Vinny The Instagram Casanova
Vinny The Instagram Casanova

Vinny is the guy of guys when it comes to learning how to seduce women on Instagram. You will quickly notice that English is not his first language. Don’t worry though, it’s easy to understand what he means.

Instagram is a way of meeting more women. Not just on Instagram itself, but also as a tool for meeting women while you’re out and about. As you’ll see in the above article.

But, if you want to meet more women you’ll need to master your image. And you’ll also need to avoid these common Instagram dating mistakes.

Vinny is a man who cares a great deal about your personal success. I’ve signed up for his InstaExplode service (affiliate link, no additional cost) and both him and his partner went above and beyond for me.

No question was ever a dumb question. And they never got mad at me for always asking question after question after question… after question. If you want to add a tool to your seducers toolbox and change your life with women, you should definitely check these guys out.

They are willing to go above and beyond for you too. In short, they do everything they can to help you succeed and change your life.

Not just with women, but also in learning a new language! When it comes to using Instagram; what makes these guys so spectacular is that they use it to enhance all of their lives. Not just with women, but every part of their life.

What do I mean by that?

I mean, that they find every possible way to use this to enhance everyone’s lives. They even use it to help learn a new language while meeting women!

I’m glad to call Vinny a friend 🙂

Nash: Days of Game

Social Scientist Nash
Social Scientist Nash

Like Goldmund, I’ve done a review on Nash that you can check out. But that’s not all there is to him and his website.

In particular, here he talks about the two different models of making a move for sex.

He argues that it’s not always best to try for first date sex all of the time (whereas a lot of other people disagree while others agree). Honestly, this one is largely a personal decision.

Both methods can work, and work well. Both will allow you to live out the life of your dreams.

Because of that, it’s not as easy as saying it’s this model, or that one. It’s very much a personal call. Make sure to check out the article for Nash’s thoughts on it.

They’re well thought out and it’s a great read.

However, this next article is by far my favorite of his.

Basically, he argues correctly that people who try to meet women during the day are the best social scientists. And it’s true.

Daygamers, as they are called, are the ones going out all the time. They’re the ones trying different things until something works.

These are the types of guys to learn from, not the labcoats who run a study on just a few people.

Your average daygamer will have hundreds, if not thousands of more data points to draw experience and information from.

Because let’s face it, who would you trust if you needed a life-saving surgery?

The intern that’s been there a few months?

Or the veteran doctor who has hundreds, if not thousands of this same surgery under their belt?

I don’t know about you, but I know who I’d rather trust…


Sexy Style For Joe

Darius "Sexy Motherfucker" Belejevas
Darius “Sexy Motherfucker” Belejevas

As far as style advice goes, Darius is to me, the GirlsChase of the style world. Darius is a style wizard that helped me come into my own, style-wise. And he will be able to do the same for you.

He can and will help you change your life through how you present yourself to the world.

Without going through his Wow!Factor course (which is an absolute STEAL) I wouldn’t understand the effect my clothes choice has on my life. And once I’m done losing weight I’ll be able to take advantage of his information again (losing weight does have its downsides).

This guy knows his stuff. And more importantly, he understands how to teach it.

But he has more than just his course, he also has some great free advice on his website.

The best of which, is his style mastery series. A five-part journey going from basement dweller to sex god incarnate:

I won’t lie, I was hesitant at first learning about fashion. It did feel a little off at first (the next person on this list has the perfect video if you feel like this).

But the results are well worth it. You won’t regret it for a second.

Real Men Real Style

Antonio High Class Centeno
Antonio High Class Centeno

Practice makes permanent.

Antonio in videos everywhere

That’s a phrase that you will hear Antonio repeat a few times. That, plus Corey’s phrase are things to live by in my opinion if you want to change your life.

That’s why you have to pay attention to what you drill down into habit.

And that includes your fashion sense.

But first, make sure to check out this video. It’s about if you should even learn fashion. What will people think? And more importantly, how should you respond so that people think highly of you instead of poorly of you.

What you will notice from a few different videos of his is that Antonio prefers higher class clothes. If you want style advice for looking higher status, then he is your man.

Darius has information about all of the different styles whereas Antonio dives deep into getting instant respect from everyone you meet. Because people do respond differently to you depending on what style you prefer to wear.

For just that effect, look no further than his video about the different styles of dress in different settings. In this video, Antonio covers the basic fundamentals about the differences between black tie events, business and business casual styles as well as a smarter casual style.

Finally, the last thing that I want to link to of Antonio’s, is his article about how to dress for your body type.

If you’re unsure about where to start in your journey on looking sexy as a man, his body type article is the place to go. It will help you in understanding what kind of clothes will fit right. That way, you will maximize your looks that you already have.

It will also give you a decent head start in getting into Darius’ stage 5 of Sex God Incarnate. Because no matter how good your clothes are, it will look like crap if it doesn’t fit right. And in addition, even Wal-Mart clothes can look great if they fit right.


Alpha M

Aaron Alpha M Marino
Aaron Alpha M Marino

At this point, I doubt Aaron needs anyone to introduce him. This guy has blown up all over YouTube, and for good reason. He has helped millions of people, and he can help you change your life as well.

And if you have looked at any of Antonio’s videos you will notice that him and Aaron are great friends who do great work together.

Aaron talks mostly about lifestyle for men. That includes money, style and even women. He’s been at it for a long time and has a TON of videos.

If you’ve ever watched one of his videos, then you know that he brings a high level of energy to every video that’s impossible to match. The guy is just a beast of overflowing, positive energy.

You can see that clearly in one of my favorite videos of his, how to walk/roll your ass like a badass. Aaron manages to make people feel great while watching his videos, but he also manages to teach us something.

Even in some of his lower energy videos, where he talks about his top five money mistakes he’s personally made, you can’t help but like the guy.

However, that’s not all there is to it. Alpha M also has some confidence videos, like the top five confidence killers and even a confidence quiz.

And before moving to the next person, we have to talk about his “How to Be a Gentleman” videos. They are amazing.

If you haven’t heard of Alpha M and you are curious, check him out. If you’re unsure if this guy is truly a positive, fun powerhouse of information then look at his gentleman videos. The guy has a video on how to shit like a gentleman (because you don’t want to be embarrassed if the moment strikes while at your lady’s house).

I can’t even put into words how much fun this guy is. I love Alpha M. He should be a national treasure.

Charisma on Command

Charisma Master Charlie
Charisma Master Charlie

This is another channel that I absolutely love. I originally found Charlie through some of his Game of Thrones Character Breakdowns.

Being a writer, I prefer reading over watching something. And yet I devour every single video of theirs that comes out. I don’t know how to personally compliment Charlie and Ben any more than that.

Charisma on Command is the only YouTube channel that I have clicked the notification button on. I’m subscribed to quite a few channels, but his is the only one that I want notifications from (and that’s even over Dude Perfect, who I also love).

It’s that great of a channel.

Charlie and Ben have quite a few character breakdowns, and they all focus on different aspects of the character/actor.

What they do is take a look at why that character is successful in their own ways. Which, in the Game of Thrones universe means living or dying. You probably won’t have a situation quite that harsh. But thanks to Charlie’s channel we ourselves can breakdown those same traits and increase our own charisma/charm/confidence.

Basically, it’s like downloading what makes someone else socially successful and stealing those traits for ourselves.

But it’s not just Game of Thrones Characters, it’s also different actors.

You’ll notice that I’m linking to his playlists instead of specific videos. That’s because, again Charisma on Command does AMAZING work.

But there are a few, specific videos of his that stand out above them all. Videos that every man (and woman) needs to look at, in my opinion.

The first, is how to stand up for yourself without being a jerk.

As well as how to make someone remember you for a lifetime. In this video he analyzes the superpower that Oprah seems to have. The ability to become a billionaire that everybody feels connected to when meeting.

Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of superpower?

Plus check out this unofficial Oprah follow-up video on How to Be Popular Without Trying by his partner Ben.

It’s incredible, definitely check out Charisma on Command. They do some world-changing things.

Masculine By Design

Designed to Be Masculine Craig
Designed to Be Masculine Craig

Some call this faking it till you make it. It would be more accurate to call it faking it to make it. Action taken consistently bends your mind to your will.

Craig on Masculine By Design

The above quote (in one of the below linked articles), I feel, describes Masculine By Design perfectly.

Craig is all about trying to encourage men to become their best. And the only way to become your best is to continually strive to be better, to do more and keep working on yourself.

In short, you have to keep moving forward in life if you want to change your life.

Even when times are tough, you have to keep moving forward. Even if you’re scared, you have to cultivate courage in the face of fear.

Like everything else in life, courage is a skill. Take wherever you are at with courage and start building upon it. If you have trouble making eye contact with people then start there. Make it your mission to get better at it.

If you have no problems with eye contact, but have a problem instead with something else you want to do then go and do that.

The reason for that is the below quote. One of my friends told me this quote that I think perfectly encapsulates the mission that Craig is going for in life:

Behind fear is the man that you wish to become

I don’t know where my friend got this from

This is a part of what it means to be a man. That is the definition of mastering your emotions and mastering your destiny.

That is the kind of man that women will find attractive. It’s also the kind of leader that other men will respect unquestionably. They might not like you, but they will respect you.

And if you need help with confidence, Craig has two articles to help you out.

The first, is about another man that has no confidence and Craig coaches him through his situation to defeat his fear. And in both the first and the second; he talks about how in order to build confidence you have to take action. Life favors the bold.

Want to change your life? This quote is for you:Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it - Dale Carnegie
Take action if you want to build confidence

James Clear

Clearly James is Winning at Life
Clearly James is Winning at Life

James has an interesting skill. He can take something that doesn’t make much sense to most people and immediately make it apply to your life.

But not just apply to your life, he will also help you understand why it applies to your life. And on how to take advantage of it.

This is best shown in his article about the 80/20 rule, the Pareto Principle.

We’ve all heard a variation of the now infamous phrase. 20% of the guys sleep with 80% of the girls. 80% of the wealth is controlled by only 20% of the people.

And even 80% of your business comes from just 20% of your clients.

However, there’s more to it than just that.

James looks at it differently and wants to understand why this happens. He argues, that this is because of the “Winner Take All Effect”. I won’t spoil the article, because it’s amazing. But basically, winners get more in life. Even if they only win by a small margin at first.

In order to be better than everyone else, you only have to start by being a little bit better in the beginning. Everything else builds on itself.

But in order to get that first win, you have to be able to find motivation and stick to it. You also have to have goals that you can achieve but still manage to push your comfort zone.

And most importantly, you have to believe in yourself. Otherwise, nothing in this universe will help you change your life.

Don’t say that “This or that doesn’t work”. Instead ask yourself “How can I make this work?”


The Power Moves

The Power Moves Master Lucio
The Power Moves Master Lucio

Lucio is another guy that is revolutionary on this list (also English isn’t his first language but you can understand him just fine). I’ve already gotten a review up on some of his articles on dominance.

But he does more than dominance. Lucio has an approach that is about power in general as well as understanding it, using it and in many cases beating it.

This will also include the sneaky power moves that people will use on you, including some games women play. Have you ever heard the excuse “I’m busy”? Do you know how to beat it? Check out this article to find out how.

But Lucio has more than just that, he also wants to help people who are accidentally awkward. Because you cannot be socially powerful if you’re awkward, so make sure to check out this article if you need help on it.

There are quite a few sections that I could have put Lucio in this resource. But in the end, he covers how to be powerful. And he does it better than I’ve seen anyone else ever do it. Because of that, for now, he has his own section because he’s in a class of his own.

Lastly, some might misunderstand him because of his chosen topic; power. Because of society’s backwards concerns some might think of him as cold. They couldn’t be further off base!

While it’s only been through email, I’ve not interacted with a warmer person in a long time. This is an amazing guy that I believe is on a mission to help as many people as possible.

As long as you respect him.


These are the people that I learn from. These are people that I respect. And these are the resources that I want to share with you.

Because I would love it if you signed up for my lists and bought my products. But while that is important, it’s not my main goal.

Yes, I need money to survive. We all do. No small secret that I want to do business with you.

But ultimately, I want to help you. And that means that my way of presenting information might not be what’s best for you.

Perhaps my way of doing things doesn’t mesh well with how you want to do things, or what will work the most for you.

And that’s okay. It’s why this resource is here.

I’ve been working on this resource for over a year. I have procrastinated on publishing it because I want it to be perfect.

But now I realize that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Instead, I will be adding to this list as time goes on, same as I’ve been doing behind the scenes. Because that’s going to give me the ability to help you change your life forever.

The more lives that I can help, the more happier people there will be in the world. And that’s a world worth living in.

If you want to grow, check out the people on this list. They’re amazing 🙂

Keep Moving Forward

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