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There’s a lot of bullshit out there in the world… and depending on who you ask, it’s all your fault. People will say it’s your fault because you are a man. They will say that the best dating advice for men is breaking your back for ungrateful people until you die and that everything is your fault.

According to these crazies, it’s even your fault if you don’t go out on dates!

The Best Dating Advice For Men Primer: What is Happening in The World?

On Medium, there’s a woman that believes that 100% of unplanned pregnancies are 100% men’s fault. Sadly, it’s not just her, over 10,000 (UPDATE: the number is well over 20,000 now) other people support this!

And I’m not kidding you when I tell you I’m saying that quite literally.

Her and 10,000+ other people who support her article in only two days.

The best dating advice for men is to not allow this nonsense to filter into your brain. Men do not cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies
Here’s the link

But for now, let’s look at this delusional psychopath’s first few paragraphs:

As a mother of six and a Mormon, I have a good understanding of arguments surrounding abortion, religious and otherwise. When I hear men discussing women’s reproductive rights, I’m often left with the thought that they have zero interest in stopping abortion.

If you want to prevent abortion, you need to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Men seem unable (or unwilling) to admit that they cause 100% of them.

I realize that’s a bold statement. You’re likely thinking, “Wait. It takes two to tango!” While I fully agree with you in the case of intentional pregnancies, I argue that all unwanted pregnancies are caused by the irresponsible ejaculations of men. All of them.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s start with this: A woman’s egg is only fertile for about two days each month. Yes, there are exceptions, because nature. But one egg which is fertile two days each month is the baseline. And those fertile eggs are produced for a limited number of years. This means, on average, women are fertile for about 24 days per year.

But men are fertile 365 days a year. In fact, if you’re a man who ejaculates multiple times a day, you could cause multiple pregnancies daily. In theory, a man could cause 1000+ unwanted pregnancies in just one year. While it’s true that sperm gets crappier as men age, it doesn’t have a fertility expiration date; men can cause unwanted pregnancies from puberty until death. So, starting with basic fertility stats and the calendar, it’s easy to see that men are the issue here.

This article already has over 10,000 ‘claps’. Claps are Medium’s form of Thumbs Up that Facebook uses.

The best dating advice for men is to not allow this nonsense to filter into your brain. Men do not cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies

In Only Two Days!

So what does this have to do with the best dating advice for men?

It’s easy to find crazy people with crazy opinions, though it’s harder to find 10,000+ other people willing to clap for it, but apparently still not impossible.

What does this mean for us?

It means that you have to be willing to stand up for yourself. You have to be willing to say ‘fuck you’ when people go remarkably nuts.

Let me explain through the infamous example of ‘nice guys’ vs ‘assholes’…

“Fuck You” and Why It’s The Best Dating Advice for Men

There’s the infamous debate of if women like ‘nice guys’ or love ‘assholes’. Well, to tell ya the truth, they like nice guys. But they get turned on by, and date assholes over ‘nice guys’.


Because assholes ooze sex appeal. Sure, the stereotype of an asshole is that he’s also a loser. And sometimes he is. But the difference between a lover and a loser? Sex appeal and the ability to turn women on so they crave the mischievously seductive asshole (though luckily this ability is not exclusive to assholes only, you can learn it too!)

What’s sexy?

Getting to a position of ‘fuck you’. Which is a fun way of saying be obnoxiously confident in yourself.

Best Dating Advice For Men Summed Up in a Short Video

Here’s one of the most shamelessly colossal truth bombs you’ll ever hear from The Gambler. In it, John Goodman explains fuck you perfectly:

It doesn’t mean that you run around screaming ‘fuck you’ left and right (though I won’t stop you). It does, however, mean that you stand up for yourself, your wants and your desires. You stand up for yourself because you’re a man of value (and if you have trouble standing up for yourself check out this article to learn how to command respect without being an asshole).

That’s the kind of asshole that women get goosebumps and go weak in the knees for. A guy they can’t quite control but cares about her while not needing her in his life.


Basically, again, it comes down to confidence. If you are confident in yourself you are automatically more attractive than a ‘nice guy’. Nice guys are pushovers without a spine. And it’s because they aren’t confident in themselves. Sure, assholes are… well, assholes. But at least they’re confident in themselves and unafraid to be dominant and that’s sexy.

Assholes operate from a position of ‘fuck you’. Unnecessarily so sometimes!

You tell them to do something they don’t want to do?

Fuck you.

You tell them that they’re responsible for some chick getting pregnant (whether they even had sex with her or not)?

Fuck you.

You tell a nice guy to do something that he doesn’t want to do?


It’s a little exaggerated for effect, but from my observations, it’s not that far off the mark. Nobody respects the ‘nice guy’ because he doesn’t respect himself. And if a woman doesn’t respect a man she will never love him. She might use him and then throw him away like last years forgotten garbage once she’s taken everything from him. But she will never give herself to him.

Which means that you can still get laid as a nice guy. Though it will be starfish, once a year pity sex while she fantasizes about another guy.

You can still get married as a nice guy. But you will have everything taken from you. You will lose your children, your home and half of your income.


Because nobody will ever love a ‘nice guy’.

Want to Be Successful in Life?

You want to learn how to be successful with women? You want the best dating advice for men?

Learn how to walk with confidence. Learn how to talk with confidence. Hold eye contact with people, learn how to touch women on a date so that she will be dripping in anticipation for what’s to come. And most importantly, learn how to go after what you want in life.

Learn How to Be Confident

How do you become confident? You first become competent (which is a fancy way of saying get good at something). Learning how to get better with women is a skill.

How do you get better with a skill?

You practice.

Half of getting better with women is learning how to present yourself as a confident person. But the other half is actually being confident with women which you will only get better at with practice! The great news is that once you learn how to present yourself as someone who is captivatingly confident and full of provocative passion, you will feel more confident.

There’s a feedback loop in the brain that when you change your body language, you actually start to feel the difference. Smiling makes you happy! The same is true for adopting confident body language. After that, you just need some competence. Competence comes from experience, which incidentally is why women like man-whores much more than virgins. Experience is sexy because it’s like a giant neon light at midnight in the middle of nowhere that screams confidence.

Step 1) learn how to present yourself in an attractive way

Step 2) get competent at different things with women. Things like…

Step 3) you will naturally become confident

That’s why the best dating advice for men is the position of ‘fuck you’. Which will also help if you’re battling depression.

‘Fuck You’ and Keep Moving Forward

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