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Personal Consultations With Me

Not currently offering them. Probably will in the future but not right now.

The Shocking Secrets About Success: 6 Mindsets to Steal to Reach Your Goals

A short book detailing the mindsets that all successful people have internalized. It also shows you how to steal these mindsets and use them for yourself to reach your goals 10x faster!

How to Beat Anxiety and Become More Confident and Charismatic

A quick video that shows you some relaxation techniques to beat anxiety. Anxiety, you’ll realize, is an overwhelming feeling that can take over our bodies when it strikes. This video will show you how to beat that permanently without any drugs, medications or anything like that.

30 Days to Building Extreme Confidence

Currently in progress. It’s a series that will show you how to build an extreme and unbreakable confidence in yourself. Stay tuned.

How to Triple Your Tinder Matches and Go On More Dates

The BEST online dating course on the internet. And I should know because I’ve bought a ton of them. This course is the most in-depth out there. It covers EVERYTHING that is online dating. That means everything from the mindsets going into online dating, to how to get great photos for free, or cheap as well as how to pose for those pictures all the way to the entire messaging process from start to finish to get a woman out on a date with you.

Warning: Are You Committing One of These Texting Sins?

A quick and easy to read book about the common texting mistakes that most guys will make with women and what to do instead.