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How to Meet Women During the Day: Days of Game Review11 minute read

  • Disclaimer: I am not being paid to write this review. Nor have I received anything to write a review. I am writing this review to give you guys more viewpoints on meeting women. Areas like meeting women while out and about during the day, commonly referred to as ‘daygame’.
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Have you ever been going about your day, looked over and discovered that there was an absolute stunning woman in your line of sight? Have you also wondered how to meet women like this?

Maybe it was in a coffee shop, perhaps it was while you were walking down the street and you made eye contact for what felt like hours. In reality it was only a few seconds but it probably left an impact on you.

Sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it does.

But it’s something that we’ve all experienced. I’ve certainly experienced it. Even back before I would have had the courage to do anything about it or became the type of man that women get excited about.

I’ve talked to quite a few men, especially on Quora where they haven’t done anything about it either. It’s okay that you haven’t, it’s scary the first few times you even try and you have to smash through pieces of your comfort zone to do it.

Even after building up your charisma and ability to charm people it can still be a little nerve wracking.

I still remember when I tried talking to a woman the first few times. And, like my first date, it didn’t turn out well…

But this is a valid way to meet women, once you learn what goes into it.

Because of that, I’m doing a review of Nash from

Days of Game: Meet Women While Going About Your Day

What you will notice first about this site is that he shares a lot of his outings on his blog.

Nash shares his triumphs as well as his failures. He’s always trying to end on a positive note to teach something new in every post or share an insight of his own.

This, to me, is not only remarkably uplifting but also feels genuine.

Because not even the best in the business are going to be ‘on’ all the time. Nobody is going to be 100% at all times. And yet he still has a colossal amount of successes from meeting women randomly in the day!

This means that you can meet women randomly during the day too!

He’s also upfront about the fact that it’s not due to his own looks. By his own admission he isn’t the best looking guy in the world and he is also in his forties. Yet despite these setbacks, he still keeps going. Nash also gets rewarded for his persistence.

And that’s what I love most about his blog. The fact that you can follow along in his journey to inspire your own adventures with women, he’s in it with you. You’re not alone.

It feels like you are in it together, because he has a genuine desire to see you succeed.

His stories are immensely entertaining and will manage to fill you with a sense of both desire and purpose. Desire and purpose to get out there and started on your own journey to meet women anywhere, anytime. Women that would love to meet you.

When you feel like crap and get depressed (because it will happen when dealing with the fairer, wetter sex) it’s great to take a break and read some of his stories. They’re like a high octane shot of motivation to keep going. To keep moving forward and to keep improving, which you will.

Love vs The Libertine; From Nash

But where his blog shines, in my humble opinion, are in some of his other posts…

Love vs The Libertine starts out talking about one of his friends that inspired this post of his, and he transitions into the lesson of the post through a book he read.

In this post, he starts out with some light praise for the book (though he ultimately hated it for reasons you’ll see by checking out the post).

It starts out with some genuine insights into men and men’s sexuality in general.

We see someone attractive and we want to fuck her. Attraction is exceptionally simple for us guys, but not so for women.

The book acknowledges this.

He then moves onto what happens after the typical guy sees a woman.

Even though the desire for sex is there, society and just being decent human beings keep us from basically clubbing women over the head and having our way with whomever we want regardless of her own wishes.

Our own satisfaction is delayed.

That is fine, society couldn’t function if we did something as catastrophic as the above.

But what’s not fine is what happens afterwards…

To take a quote from the article and book he is reviewing (Nash’s comments are centered and italicized while the book quotes have a line on the left hand side of it):

A man meets a girl. Despite primal urges, we don’t club her over the head and mount her, but at that point, we’re sufficiently inspired. And what starts as a sexual “urge” is delayed, and as it’s delayed, it takes on more emphasis in our minds.

“[H]umans, unlike other animals, this theory purports, are not governed by instinct: before being consummated, a man’s desire travels from his senses, to his imagination, whereupon it creates a fantasy.”

That’s right. Watch how this works:

“The function of this fantasy is to ‘interpret’ desire, to cause the subject to imagine what it is that he desires. Yet as a fantasy translates a physical arousal into a series of mental images, it also turns a sensual excitation into an attraction to a specific person. While a man fantasizes about the woman he desires, he comes to realize that she too is a desiring subject, and that his own pleasure depends on his ability to communicate his fantasy to her. In other words, fantasies give rise to the specifically human art of seduction.”

There is a lot going on there. Feher is explaining our behavior in interesting terms. Let’s break it down some more.

End Quotes

Nash then goes on to explain that it’s not about the girl at all.

That when we cannot have those desires of ours realized that the object of our desire starts to consume our minds. In other words, the girl that inspired our lust starts to overwhelm our minds and take over entirely!

But something insidious happens shortly after this. Basically, the desire to fuck (which is natural and healthy) moves from our loins into our imaginations.

This is bad.

Because this consumes our desire entirely by wasting it on this girl. A girl, that we might not even want. In some cases, a girl that we don’t even know the first thing about.

The book and Nash both argue that this is unnatural, and I agree. It’s unnatural because you end up getting hung up on a girl that might not know you even exist.

This is the infamous friend-zone.

Where a guy will hide his feelings from a girl and become her friend in the hope that one day she will fall in love with him.

This Causes Disgust in Women

When men do this, however, the girl feels nothing but disgust.

This hypothetical guy approached this girl only for friendship, so that’s what she assumed he wanted. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong with that is that the guy wants more but doesn’t say anything because he’s too afraid to be shot down.

The momentary and short amount of pain that would come from rejection outweighs the future, and possibly years long pining that will happen instead.

This is what is known as ‘one-itis’.

It’s basically where a girl has taken up so much of your mental energy, so much of your emotional investment that you’re unable to even see the good in any other women. When that happens, you don’t even want to meet women because this one girl takes up so much of your mind.

Other women that would be more than happy to bounce up and down on your cock. More than happy to be your girlfriend.

A woman, that you would be more than happy to be with.

But because of this other girl, this ‘one-itis’ you don’t ever recognize other women. Other women that can be just as good as, if not better than this figment of imagination that no person on the planet can live up to.

If you are going through this yourself, or have gone through this it’s okay. It’s perfectly fine to admit that this has happened to you.

This very thing has happened to me.

It’s also happened to a lot of insanely accomplished seducers out there. Men you wouldn’t think for a second has ever had a problem with women have had the same problem.

The same problem that we’ve all had.

This Has Happened to All of Us

At this point, it’s a fact of life for this to happen at least once.

And that’s fine.

But we do need to move past this. And that’s what learning how to meet women and seduce seduce them will help you with.

It will keep you from wasting years upon years of your life on something that will never be.

That’s what I’m here to help you with, and that’s what Nash wants to help you with.

I won’t spoil the rest of that article for you. I encourage you to check out that article because it’s a great look into what happens to men who don’t build this skill.

It’s a difficult skill to build, and it sucks in the beginning. It’ll make you want to give up, it’ll even make you cry at some point.

Sadly, it’s impossible to skip these stages, and it sucks.

But learning all you can and then getting out there to practice it all will move you past this stage as quickly as possible. And get you onto the part of the skill that will allow you to meet women whenever you want!

Instead of taking 4+ years to learn this skill, you could instead learn it in a year!

Think of how many women you would miss out on in those years, what would that mean for your life?

Invisible Men; Datable Men and Hot Guys

Onto the next article. This one is equally important to understand as it’s about the different categories that women put men into.

I disagree with the names that Nash uses, as this is a review from another guy that he is doing. But the concepts, comments and insights are gold.

Let’s start with a rather hurtful quote. It hurts because it’s true, and it goes straight for the jugular. But it’s necessary to start with:

The great mass of men are simply invisible, like furniture or cattle. They exist only to do the girl’s homework at college, help her with her shopping, fix a tire, pay taxes, and defend the borders. Most men are nothing but pack horses, and thus sexually invisible. That’s not to say women harbour any ill intention towards them, they just treat them as non-sexual creatures, beasts of burden

These are the ‘invisibles’ in his post.

The guys I learned from simply called these men ‘friends’. They’re friends because they don’t have any sexual value to women. Women don’t want to date these men and they certainly don’t want to fuck them.

And it doesn’t matter how good you get with women, you will be invisible to some women some of the time. But, if you do get good with women you will be invisible to far less women than the average man.

Nash goes on in the article to talk about the next category of men. The category of men that I prefer to call ‘providers’ and that Nash calls ‘the dateables’.

Basically, these types of men are the kinds of men that women would love to date because of what these men can do for them.

It’s not because these men drive women crazy (in a good way), it’s because they might be rich. Basically, a woman settles for this guy because of what he can do for her.

This is where we get into the stereotypes of gold diggers.

And I don’t blame women for this. If a woman wanted to shower me with money and gifts I’d certainly think about dating her. I would get worn down if she was persistent enough. It wouldn’t even matter how attracted to her I initially was or not, eventually she would get to me.

It’s the same for women. They don’t have any other available options so they settle for these kinds of guys because of the ‘extras’.

I feel bad for these kinds of men, because it must suck to have someone be with them not because of who they are as a person, but because of their wallet. This is what ultimately inspired me in my own journey. It’s also a huge part of my passion for trying to reach as many men as possible.

I want more men to experience what it’s like to be in the next category of men. What Nash’s article refers to as ‘hot guys’ and what I will refer to as ‘lovers’.

This is your stereotypical bad boy. Women love him even though he barely lifts a finger for them.

That’s what happens on the outside. What outsiders don’t see is how this guy makes her feel. Which is ultimately all that a woman cares about: how she feels.

It’s this category of men that I want to help get you into. A world that Nash and a whole bunch of other people want to help get you into. It’s also what Nash dives into in the article, much more in-depth than what I’ve done here.

If instead of online dating you are curious about meeting women during the day, then check out Days of Game.

And if you want to learn more about what it takes to become a ‘hot guy’ then check out that article of Nash’s, linked here again for easy access.

Until next time, keep moving forward

EDIT: Here is an unofficial follow-up if you love photography and want to mix in a passion to help you meet women!

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