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Today I’m going to start doing something a little different. Instead of making different posts that are aimed at whatever my whim happens to be at that moment; I’m going to start doing something different.

Basically, we’re going to go over a few different topics linked by one theme in a single list post. After that, it will be time to make follow-up articles that cover the different parts of the list post in more detail and link to them from that first list post.

Having said that, this first list post will be about manifesting the infamous Law of Attraction! We’re going to break down six different ways to make it work for you so that you can get more out of your life.

Let’s get started!

Law of Attraction Secret 1: Learn How to Become Competent

First, we have to learn what it takes to become powerful men. But not just powerful men, we have to learn how to become men who others look at with respect and women look at with lust.

The types of men women lust after and men envy. To become that kind of man takes a certain level of competence. Competence is, essentially, your ability to get shit done. Because if you can’t get anything done then you’ll never be able to take advantage of the Law of Attraction. And luckily, competence is closely tied together with confidence which will then feedback into a self-fulfilling prophecy of awesomeness!

For example; take a world-class athlete who dominates a certain sport. Think he will be confident while doing whatever sport it is?

Absolutely! A big part of that is competence, which is a key component of being confident. Certainly not the only important piece of the confidence puzzle, because we as men should always strive for internal confidence as well as external!

But there’s still more we have to cover…

Law of Attraction Secret 2: Cultivate a Warrior’s Discipline

  • EDIT: Here is part 1/2 for a more in-depth look at building a warrior’s discipline to achieve your goals
  • Update: Here is part 2/2 for a look at what to do once you have started your habits and how to keep them going

Life can suck sometimes.

I doubt that I have to tell you that. But this is something that I myself forget sometimes. And I’m betting that it’s something that you yourself have forgotten a time or two. But what does this have to do with anything?

It’s because life sucks sometimes that we have to learn how to cultivate the discipline of a warrior.

Because motivation is a great thing. If we have motivation then we feel like we can do anything. However, motivation doesn’t last. It comes and goes, all while we work away at our passions and goals.

This is Even True of Sex!

Contrary to popular belief, even our motivation for sex comes and goes in waves. Sure, it might always be there underneath the surface, but it’s not always at the forefront. Sometimes we have this raging, inferno fueled lust that compels us to mount anything and everything in sight! Other times all we want is a sandwich and a nap… then maybe sex afterward. Depends on how the nap goes.

The same can be said of our goals and the motivation to complete them.

We’re not always going to want to grind away at whatever it is that we’re aiming for. There will be times when you have the motivation to do it all, and heaven help anything or anyone that gets in your way. It’s mission-critical to take advantage of those waves of motivation. Because they are a gift from the divine and you will accomplish in one day what you could normally only manage in three.

Sadly, that’s not the whole story though. There are going to be times where it takes you three days to accomplish what should only take one.

Those are the days where nothing seems worth it. The sirens call of a video game or whatever replaces Game of Thrones on TV will be louder than ever. Sweetly calling for you to dump your mission, dump your goals and just kick back and reeeeeeeeeeeeelax.

Key Difference Between Warriors and Whiners

One of the differences between someone who wins at life and someone who loses at life is what they do during these moments. The moments where you’re tired, feeling like crap and wanting to do anything but another day of grinding.

To tell you the truth, I’m in one of those moments right now as I’m writing this. And yet, if we want to accomplish our goals we have to keep at it. Even when everything seems like it’s going nowhere fast. Which is why it’s so critical to master discipline. But even with discipline, it’s all worthless unless you can train your brain to look for ways to win.

Law of Attraction Secret 3: Question Your Way to Success

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes – Albert… Tweet This Quote
Questions are immense tools that can propel you to success or drag you down into the depths of disappointment
Ask the right question and win at life. Ask the wrong question and lose at life

The brain has an interesting superpower.

Ask it a question and it will try and find the answer for you. It might not be the correct answer, it might not be the answer that you wanted and it certainly might not be an answer that is even helpful at all.

But it will answer the question for you.

For example; whenever I was in my deepest, darkest moments of depression I would ask a question like “why me?”. My brain, in its twisted form, would answer back with the worst of answers possible.

I asked it a question and it came up with an answer.

The same is true of you.

Whenever presented with something that seems too good to be true, it’s a good thing to be skeptical. If someone says that they’re producing results that aren’t within your own reality your brain will naturally try to figure out why it sounds like bullshit. At least, that’s how a lot of people naturally are.

Maybe I’m just gullible, but whenever I hear about something happening that I wish could happen to me, I don’t ask why it’s bullshit. Nor do I try to come up with reasons that it wouldn’t work for me.

Instead, I ask “how can I do that?” or “how can I make that work for me?”

This, to me, is quite possibly why I’ve always been such an exceptional learner. Give me something that I want to know about and I’ll pick it up exceptionally quickly.

Confirmation Bias: One Secret to Being a Fast Learner

I’m the definition of a fast learner and I always have been.

The reason, I think I’m the way that I am is because of how I question things. Because if I ask “how can I learn how to talk to anyone whenever I want?” instead of saying “why doesn’t anyone ever talk to me?” my brain will take a fundamentally different path.

If you or I say that something won’t work for us then our brain will come up with reasons that it won’t work. Then, what happens after that is confirmation bias (basically the brain’s way of cherry-picking information to justify certain beliefs and ignore everything else) will start to kick in and the belief that it will never work gets stronger and stronger.

Likewise, if we try to figure out how to make it work then our brain will come up with possible solutions to make it work for us. Then, just like the above, confirmation bias kicks in.

In simpler terms, this is what the entire Law of Attraction can be boiled down to; confirmation bias. Confirmation bias, as well as the next secret in our Law of Attraction checklist:

Law of Attraction Secret 4: Focus on What You Want

Focus, while a big part of the law of attraction, is also insanely useful for working on our discipline.

Because again, there are going to be moments where inertia is working against you. All you want to do is sleep, or do this or do that. It won’t push you towards your goals but damn if it won’t feel good. Don’t get me wrong, we all need to do things that recharge our batteries from time to time. Personally, for one day a week, I will try my best to do barely anything unless it’s fun.

That might mean hanging out with friends, it might mean reading or it might even mean working on something. Whatever I do during these moments, I make sure to do it only because I want to at that moment.

This allows me to recharge my personal batteries and helps keep me sane.

It’s also something that I recommend for you. However, that’s only while you’re actively pursuing your goals like a demon chasing destruction.

In the other six days a week I’m forcing myself to do something that inches me closer to my goals.

Right now, I’m pushing around 16 hour workdays or more.

First of all, this is not at all healthy. Nor is it fun. I’m passionate about this stuff and there are plenty of days where I’m motivated. On motivation days I have the energy to conquer the world.

Then there are days like today. Where all I want to do is go rob a bank, steal some candy from some babies and run away to Fiji. Or just throw things at random people because this is frustrating as hell.


Make no mistake, these moments are going to happen to you as well.

You will have this feeling of dread fill your chest making it hard to breathe. It’s going to feel like you have cement blocks for shoes and this dark, brooding stress is going to fill your stomach. It’s going to feel like there’s a boulder holding you down.

Yet, you have to keep moving forward. And I’m going to tell you what helps me in these moments, what is helping me right now:

I know what I want. Because I want what I want then I literally do not have a choice. I am a slave to my desires and the destinations that I want to reach.

Women, money and everything that it can buy is high on my list of priorities. I won’t lie to you, I hope that you help me line my pockets. All while you change your life for the better in the process.

But none of that is my highest priority. The women, the money, the nice clothes, the experiences and toys. None of it is my first priority.

What I Want

To tell you the truth, there’s one thing that’s higher than all of that. One thing that drives me more than anything.

This world is disgusting. Every day I come across a new article, or commercial or YouTube headline that shits all over men. We’re worthless to society, or so the narrative goes.

So many people feel it deep in their core. They’re motionless in life, stagnating and dying. Often, they’re dying a tragic, physical death. Some survive, but they’re still dead inside. It’s only their bodies that are alive. The lights are on but nobody’s home. Their soul is dead and they’re just existing.

This to me is still my greatest fear in life. To just exist. It scares the hell out of me.

And the fact that I know so many other men are out there living out my nightmare makes my chest ache. I find it hard to breathe when I think about what they’re going through. How miserable they are.

If I’m being honest, it’s the eight-year-old child in me that wants to be some kind of hero. I want to help people that are sliding down into the abyss of existing instead of living. Having blood instead of life pump through their veins.

This is my mission. I want to change this disgusting world, and the way that I’m going to do that is to help you. Because a single person cannot change this world. It takes a great many people. Therefore, even though I want you to buy things from me, I have to make damn sure that it’s something that will help you change your life. Because if it doesn’t help you change your life then I’ve failed. And that is unacceptable.

Back to the Main Point

This brings us back to the original point; figure out what it is that you want.

After you figure out what you want, pursue it relentlessly. Keep it in your mind at all times. During the good times, keep your desires close to your heart. During the bad times keep your desires in mind at all times. Because if you focus on what you want, then your brain will help you figure out how to get what you want.

I’m only here to give you as many tools as I possibly can to get there.

But even if I can give you the best tools, it’s all worthless without the next, similar Law of Attraction secret:

Law of Attraction Secret 5: Believe in Yourself

People are outstandingly adaptable.

We live in the rain forests of the Amazon, as well as the-land-of-everything-tries-to-kill-us Australia. Australia, a country where it seems like even the fucking grass is trying to kill people. Yet people live there, and they thrive.

But that’s like a video game on easy mode compared to other places where people live. In that link, people live near something called the “African Lake of Death”.

Just let that sink in a for a moment. People live near a lake in Africa… with ‘death‘ in the name!

Yet people are happy there, despite the risks. Even more impressive, is thinking about what we humans evolved from way back in the day. Before the rise of technology, or even basic sewage systems!

A time where even the common cold could kill.

Yet we survived it all. Not only did we survive, but in the process, we became the most dominant creatures on the planet. A creature that gives other animals nightmares. We caused the genocidal downfall of some apex predators, put others on the brink of extinction and even domesticated other apex predators for shits and giggles.

We’ve come so far that we’re not even a part of the food chain anymore. WE DICTATE WHAT LIVES IN THE FOOD CHAIN AND WHAT DIES.

Sometimes, based only on the fact that something out there won’t stop killing our cows and horses. Kill one of our livestock? We’d better track it down and wipe out its ENTIRE FUCKING SPECIES.

Just to be safe.

Why Am I Yelling About This?

I say all of this to help you put this into perspective: us humans are the kings and queens of the animal kingdom. Even though in a one on one fight we will get rag-dolled in most animal fights.

Imagine this for a moment:

What about a fight between an Olympic Champion of whatever sport of your choosing against a lion with multiple diseases, a broken foot and dying of hunger? I’d still put my money on the lion.

When I think about this I think how amazing we truly are. Because yes, humans are weak and pathetic sometimes. There are people out there that need a safe place to cry because white people exist…

But other times? Other times we hold the fate of the entire planet in our hands.

But why should this matter to you or the Law of Attraction? Because I need you to think about what kind of power we truly have in the world. When you think about that, is it really that much of a stretch of the imagination to think about upgrading your own life?

Is it really so crazy to think about learning how to build your charisma and gain the ability to charm anyone?

Is it so crazy to think about living a life abundant with clients? Not just any kind of client though, clients that drop everything to buy your stuff whenever you take two seconds to email them! While also keeping in mind that in the course of 24 hours we human beings could end all life on the planet on a whim. Or is it crazy to think that you can build your own personal business empire that brings in millions upon millions of dollars? Again, while remembering the fact that we humans took this:

The wolf, an apex predator and expert killing machine

and turned it into this:

The puppy: a cute, innocent little animal that scares itself with its own farts

Singular individuals might not hold these very powers in their hands. This much is true. But what you do hold is the exact same DNA that allows others to gain those powers. The very same DNA that made us who we are and put us in the position we find ourselves in right now.

You hold inside your bloodstream the exact same components that Alexander the Great used to conquer half of an entire continent. Inside your brain are the same neurons that allowed Leonardo DaVinci to transcend history with his creations. There are small differences here and there, sure. We all have different talents and desires. But ultimately, you literally can do just about anything that you want.

It just takes time and effort.

In addition, the last secret will help as well:

Law of Attraction Secret 6: Look Back on Your Life

How far have you come in your own life?

Whenever we try to upgrade our lives the changes will come little by little. So little, in fact, that we barely even notice the changes.

The perfect example of this is weight, and I’ll prove it!

Are you still in contact with anyone that you graduated from high school with?

Look back at their yearbooks and try to find a picture of them now. Do they look the exact same? Even if it’s only been a few years, do they look the same? I’d be willing to be that the answer is no.

Some of them will have lost their hair, most will have gained a little bit of weight and some of them might have even managed to lose weight. They might not even look like the same person another 10 years from now.

But do you think all of that happened within a week?

Probably not.

The same can be said of you whenever you make positive changes in your life. Because they happen so slowly over time we don’t even notice it. Our brains get used to the changes and adapt before we even have time to notice a difference.

Yet if we force ourselves to look back, or someone does it for us, we can then see the sometimes colossal differences in our lives!

That’s why, the last secret to the Law of Attraction is, in my opinion, one of the more rewarding ones. It’s also one that not a lot of people think about.

So whenever you get to the point where you’re ready to give up; try to stop and think about a few things first:

  • How far are you from where you started?
  • Where are you now compared to a year ago?
  • Where are you now compared to where you could be a year from now?
  • Are you going to make the small changes today that changes who you are a year from now?

Because again, it’s going to suck. Nobody will ever be able to argue against that.

This is one of my secrets in my ability to keep moving forward in life.

I simply ask myself the same thing that I’m asking you to ask yourself: where will you be a year from now if you keep going?


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