The First Message

Imagine this for a moment: you swiped right and got a match! But as you look at her pictures, swiping between them you notice an uneasy feeling in your stomach. You’ve realized that you’re not sure what to say so that she will go on a date with you… 

That’s a crappy feeling and I’ve been there. Seriously, I’ve made some dating mistakes you’ve only had in your nightmares (here’s just one of them). And I’ve also had some legendary success stories that other guys dream and drool over (here’s just one of those). 

Luckily, I’m going to show you how to avoid the mistakes other guys make and seize the success that you deserve.

Stealing First Messages

Yes, it’s important to have some backup messages that you can send when you don’t know what else to say (and you’ll see some awesome examples in a few days). But more important than that is to learn how to stand out from everyone else. 

Because you’ll recognize that if you send the same messages that everyone else is sending, you won’t stand out. And there won’t be any dates for anyone. But if you learn how to send your own customized messages that take less than a minute to think up you’re leagues further than anyone else. You’ll get the results that your friends become jealous of. 

And as you continue to read the words on your screen you’ll begin to notice and become aware of how insanely, unbelievably and completely simple this process can be! 

Let’s Start With The Rules of a Successful First Message

  1. They have to be easy and quick for you to send
  2. A first message has to be short
  3. Messages must be fun and/or playful
  4. They have to be easy to respond to
  5. And most importantly, they have to be simple  

Structure Your Messages to Save Your Sanity

Why should a first message be easy and quick for you to send? Because of two things:

  • Time
  • So you don’t psyche yourself out

Seriously, I’ve seen guys who talk themselves out of sending messages to women. Whenever I created my own profile of a cute woman quite a few men never even bothered to message my fictional profile! 

Don’t believe me? Create your own! It’s shocking

Secondly, you will want these messages to be fast for you to send out. Because once you get over a certain number of matches it becomes a pain to sit there for a few minutes for every. single. profile.

For the types of guys who only have a match or two? Sure, they can afford to spend a few minutes on each profile. But after you get the full course and learn how to get pictures that will double, triple your match rate or even more, you won’t have that kind of time. A few minutes a profile times even 20 profiles adds up to a lot of time!

So structure your messages to be quick and easy for yourself. You’ll thank yourself later.

The Types of Messages That Get Responses

After making your messaging process easy on yourself, next is to make the process easy on her. Because remember, you’re two virtual strangers at the moment and neither of you know each other. You’re not even real people to each other yet and she probably has a sea of dicks being thrust into her face. She doesn’t have the time nor the energy to write out a well thought out response. So make it easy on her and easy for her to respond because if you do, you’ll go on more dates than all of the other bitter and needy men out there.  

Which is why we need to make our messages:

  • Fun/Playful
  • Short
  • Simple and Easy to Respond to

Bad Examples

Here are a few bad examples so that you can see what every other guy is doing (so you can be better than them):

  • Hey
  • Sup
  • What’s up beautiful? 
  • How’s your day?
  • I’d drag my testicles over two miles of broken glass just to hear you fart through a radio (A real example! Somebody on the internet thought this was a great message and other people have copied it! You can’t make this stuff up!) 

That last example we’ll talk about more tomorrow and why it’s a crappy first message. But for now, those other ones may be short, but they’re not fun and they’re not easy to respond to. 

Remember, she has a hundred other dudes in her inbox. Why wouldn’t she pick the best one? Wouldn’t you if you had hundreds of women throwing themselves at you? I’d want the best ones anyways. 

And the best ones make it easy for her as they understand that if they want more women to give them what they want, then they have to give women what they want.

A Good Example

We’re going to cover more examples in a few days, but for now here’s one so that you can see what a good message looks like and why:

  • Seriously, where’d you steal that hat from? I’m jelly *emoji*

That message, while not perfect, is a fairly good one and it’s one that I’ve personally field-tested hundreds of times. Again, not the best but it works and it follows the rules. 

It’s easy for me to send out (as long as she’s wearing a hat in one of her pictures). This message is short and takes a few seconds to read. It’s a playful message that not every other guy is sending her so it stands out and communicates to her that I’m worth talking to. And finally, it can take her a few seconds or a few minutes to respond to depending on what she wants. 

If she wants to send a quick message then she’ll say something like: “Haha I stole it from this antique shop, love them”

Or, if she wants to send a longer message she’ll launch into a story of how she got it, why she got it and etc. 

It’s up to her if she wants it to be short or long. 

But that’s just one example that you’ll get over the next few days and a few simple tips to tweak your messages to use today to go on more dates! You’ll recognize that other guys aren’t sending stuff like this and you’ll want to keep an eye out for tomorrow’s tip! It’s about the horrendous mistakes that murder their chances. That way you don’t have to make the mistakes that every other guy is making.

Keep Moving Forward

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