Negative Things People Have Said About My Course (and my responses)

How to Get Laid on Tinder

What Happens If…

  • … you don’t get any matches and want a refund
    • You have a full 30 days to try it out and if it doesn’t work then send me an email. I will give you a refund!
  • … you don’t get any dates from your matches
    • Again, you have 30 days to try it out. If it doesn’t work for you then send me an email
  • … you get more dates than you can handle
    • Tell your friends!

The good news about this course is that at the very end there’s a list of frequent problems people run into and their solutions. As you’ll likely already know, most problems with online dating (but especially Tinder and other apps) come down to your pictures.

That means that if you go through the course and get those great pictures then most of your problems will be solved. Which is EXACTLY why most of the course is about how to get great pictures. But more than that, it shows you what kinds of pictures and poses work and why they work.

While yes, you can copy the examples I give you in the book, you will come away from the course with the knowledge to adapt my style and make it uniquely yours.

Because then you’ll never have to worry about a girl saying that you’re just copying what somebody else has done or said. It’ll be impossible for women to say that because the course is structured in such a way to give you everything you need to make it yours.

That goes for your pictures as well as your messages.

 It’s Expensive

“How To Get Laid On Tinder” is more expensive than most other programs out there because I spent YEARS testing and tweaking everything else out there.

If I came across a book about Tinder I bought it and tested everything in it. If I read an article, I tested and tweaked over and over again.

Honestly, this program was MORE EXPENSIVE before my friend mentioned that some people wouldn’t be able to afford it when it first came out!

When you sign up and purchase How To Get Laid On Tinder you’re not just buying my course. You’re buying everyone else’s programs, books, courses, videos, articles and everything else that I’ve consumed and paid for myself. You’re also buying the literal years I spent adjusting, testing and tweaking every little tiny thing you could possibly imagine. Some of which is so tiny that you’d have to be a professional photographer just to see some of the tiny differences. Differences such as exposure, contrast or even the amount of bokeh by the smallest of percentages.

My course is more expensive than most others because it’s a combination of more than just my experiences and knowledge. It’s also one of, if not THE ONLY course to my knowledge, that walks you through both theory and practical application. Not just walk you through the pictures as well as the messages themselves. But also everything that comes before and after because those are just as important. That means how to set up dates after you message as well as when to ask her out. And that also includes how to get FREE professional pictures and even the mindsets you’ll need to have going into the photoshoot (this alone, you’ll likely and probably notice will pay for the course)!

Stuff that I’ve only learned from dabbling in photography myself. Something that nobody else brings to the table when they sell you online dating programs.

It doesn’t only tell you what to do it tells you how to do it so that it fits YOUR PERSONALITY.

Because let’s face it, I could tell you how to copy me and you’d get dates. But those dates wouldn’t go anywhere because my personality isn’t yours.

That’s why my course is more expensive. It shows you step-by-step how to tailor everything I’ve learned to fit you and your goals.

I Want More Than Just Sex

I’ll admit, the title is a bit provocative. You’ll realize that it’s that way because a lot of guys do only want sex from Tinder and it’s a way to capture attention.

If you only want sex from Tinder then great! You’ll get a lot out of this course.

But if you’re like other guys then you’ll want to try and find your dream girl. And if that’s you then awesome! The course covers what to do in those specific circumstances as well.

Which, most of the time you’ll go through the same overall processes to filter your matches.

What I mean by that is this: say you have a thing for punk-rocker chicks into heavy metal as an example. If that’s the case, then you’ll select pictures that convey that part of who you are. It’s like advertising in a way. You advertise only to those that you want.

Most women would swipe left on a profile that advertised something like that and that’s A GOOD THING. Because then, only those punk-rockers would swipe right and the guy would have the exact thing that he wants.

You do the same thing whether you want a wife from church or a business CEO aiming to take over the world.

Either way, you input your own personality into your pictures to filter the type of women that you yourself want. And that’s what the course shows you using myself as an example. I really like women who are artistic and adventurous. Therefore, my pictures will always convey that part of who I am because those are the women that I want.

The course will show you my specific examples and why they work. But it will also show you how to take the structure of why my pictures work and add them into your own pictures using things that DISPLAY YOUR PERSONALITY. The message system that the course will teach you does the same thing.

Yes, you can copy me exactly, but you won’t get the best results that way. Instead, if you take the overall structure and adapt them to yourself you will get the best results for you. And you’ll be happier with your online dating life as a whole because of it.

Why Do You Only Use Your Own Pictures as Examples?

Legal issues and I don’t want to get sued.

The Course Is Overwhelming

The course is a bit on the expensive side and that’s because there’s so much content in it. But some people do find it overwhelming at times, and that’s a fair complaint.

Therefore, I created optional downloads and bite-sized chunks for most sections in the course that needed it. That way, people can tackle it at their own pace 😊

The Red Flags Section Is Mean

Another fair complaint. I did my best to inject some humor into this section because it can be a little on the mean side.

But I have to include it for you. Otherwise, you may end up wasting time on a catfish as a best case scenario. In the worst cases… well… things can get dark and I don’t want that to happen with you guys.

Therefore, I include this section so that you can protect yourself and not get taken advantage of by a psychopath. As fun as they are in bed it’s never worth it. They fuck your life up way more than they ever will in the bedroom.

Keep Moving Forward

P.S. Here’s another link so you don’t have to scroll up to grab the course 🙂