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  • Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to write this review. I have not been given anything to do this review. I’m doing this because I loved Goldmund’s book. If you are looking for a way to supercharge your seduction arsenal and love photography (or want to get into it) then this is for you!
  • Though I do want to say, don’t buy this book and get into photography just for the women. Yes, photography helps. Yes it can and will help get you laid. But so will a lot of other things in this world, so choose something that you love to do. Just like most things, this is only an amplifier. If a guy sucks with women then getting a camera will not turn him into a Casanova, it’ll turn him into a creeper (same if the women are his only reason for getting a camera in the first place). But if a guy is alright with women then he’ll be more alright with this. If a guy is awesome with women then he’ll be even more awesome and etc.
  • It’s a way to have more fun, not a miracle drug. 
  • If you’re curious about photography there are some cheaper options to get started, like a point and shoot camera. That way you can get started without breaking the bank. Otherwise you’ll need to get a heavy duty DSLR camera.

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman and wondered what you should say to her or how to start a conversation in the first place?

You knew that if you didn’t do anything you’d lose her forever. But if you did try to talk to her without a game plan then you’d fall flat on your face.

Suffering that embarrassment is no fun.

But if you want to meet, seduce and date beautiful women then you’ll have to break through that wall. Eventually, but until then, this book and technique (which you can get here) is a way to help you get started.

It’s also insatiably fun!

In my own experiences, I sometimes feel like a failure if I go out to meet women and I come home with nothing.

Mission not accomplished.

Though it’s never a complete waste of time, it can sometimes feel like a drag.

This is a way to help that. Because if I take my camera with me then I can have some fun, whether I ‘score’ or not. And that’s how I recommend you use this book.

But before that, let’s talk about an issue that people have with it…

The Controversial Title That Triggered Social Justice Warriors Everywhere on Amazon

Goldmund chose a controversial title on purpose.

Why did he do this?

I can only guess that it was to catch some attention. And catch attention it did (a negative review by FStoppers is the only reason that I found it, so thanks FStoppers!)

If you go onto Amazon, you’ll notice that a lot of the reviews are negative. Most of them are flagrantly fake.

Why are they fake?

They’re fake reviews because you’ll notice barely any of them are ‘verified buyers’.

What does that mean?

It means that they don’t have anything to do in their sad lives but read titles and leave scathing reviews for something that hurt their fragile feelings. Also because if you live in the West; anything that has to do with men doing anything other than bending over backwards is the definition of evil, apparently…

Ignore them. They’re pathetic.

Does that mean that this book is the best thing since the invention of warm, ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies that melt in your mouth? No, of course not. There are parts of the book that I don’t agree with just like there are parts I wish he would have expanded on. Nothing is perfect, and that’s fine.

But it’s still a solid book that I have and will continue to recommend to people (including if you couple it with a few other Instagram related products that I will review in the future).

All of that out of the way, let’s get to the actual book…

Introduction to Camera Game

The book starts out with Goldmund expressing his views on photography and even admitting that he’s not the best photographer. If he can say that and make this work then that means that any of us can accomplish the same thing!

He’s not the best photographer and he admits this himself. You don’t have to be a world class photographer to pull this off.

You do, however, need to believe you have value. You should also get to where you’re okay with handling your camera. You do have to be confident with your camera, which you can do in less than a day of just going out and fidgeting with it.

In addition, he goes into what photography has done for him as a person. It’s opened his eyes, and I can say that it did the same for me. There’s a special feeling that comes with being able to create something that other people will love and you can be proud of.

This doesn’t happen every time you click the button, but if you practice it will be far from rare.

What will also start to happen is that you’ll gain a new way of looking at the world. You’ll see the beauty and the magic in the tiniest of details in the world, and you’ll start to pull them out for others to look at.

You become the creator of an enchantingly captivating story that you can choose to bring other people into, if you want.

You become an artist.

And artists are sexy 😉

There’s also something to be said for being able to direct women confidently to achieve something together. Not only will she see you as a kind of authority, but she’ll have fun listening to what you tell her to do. She will have fun and it will help her attraction to you.

And that’s where the genius of this book truly lies, in my opinion. It opens up a new world of achieving goals in a fun way, even when it doesn’t work out.

It helps make life better in more ways than one.

What Kind of Gear to Get

In the opening chapters Goldmund starts off with talking about what kind of gear to get. This includes the obvious like get a camera (you’ll want a DLSR, but if you’re not sold on photography yet then get a cheaper point-and-shoot to start with), the proper lens and etc. He also goes into some basic information about how to use your camera and what different settings do to your pictures.

Basic information to get you started and all you need to get out there and talking to women.

But he also talks about some ‘props’ to get.

I don’t want to spoil the book, but the props are the most important part of his camera game in my opinion. Depending on what women do with his props he gets an immediate read on what he needs to do to seduce any particular woman.

It’s basically a way for him to tell how ‘sold’ a woman is already. Kind of like a way to read her mind!

I won’t give away one of the more important parts of the book, but I will say that an unusual prop he uses is just a simple pen and paper, to give you an example. He’ll have women write something down and take a picture of what they wrote down.

He gives some examples of subjects to have people write about, and they’re great. But you’ll do far better with coming up with your own subjects that match who you are as a person.

But, when you’re first getting started, feel free to copy his because they do work. Once you get the feel for it then you should create your own. Because then you’ll have something tailored specifically for you and it’ll work better.

Where Should You Go?

Goldmund has some great advice here as well. You can go to places like college campuses if you’re younger (“I’m doing a photography project and need your help”). But basically, you’ll want to choose a place where women aren’t rushed.

Personally, I prefer to go to parks because I love parks. I’ll also go to events around where I live. Gets me out of the house and meeting new people, men and women alike! Perfect, because you’ll never know where that new friendship will lead you to or who it will lead you to.

Places like these are perfect because people typically aren’t trying to leave. Most of the time they don’t have anywhere to be and are more open to being approached.

Though if you see that one-in-a-million woman walking down the street that sets your soul on fire this will help you there too.

Even though the women are a nice by-product, this should not be your primary goal.

As I said in the beginning, this is a way to have fun. Having fun should be the first thing on your mind.

If you are going out solely for women then you will fail because people will be able to tell that you’re not being honest. And it will creep them out.

That’s what I believe the issue a lot of people have with the book comes down to. They see the title and picture some creepy weirdo going out using a camera as an excuse to talk to women.

What they don’t picture is some cool guy going out with his camera to practice his craft, create some amazing pictures and bring women into his own adventure.

Yes, we want women. Yes, we want to get laid. That’s all okay and healthy even! But what you don’t want to do is go in guns’a’blazin’.

What do I mean by that?

Again, you want to go out to have fun. This can also be a way to help give you some additional courage to talk to people. If you happen to come across a woman that likes you and you like her, then feel free to try and make something happen as an added bonus. Goldmund goes into how to do this in the last half of his book.

But you should focus first and foremost on your craft and having a good time. Because that’s what will attract people to you and make you magnetic to women.

As you improve in your own journey as a man the women will come.

Final Notes

I have not covered everything from his book. It’s not a long book, but it is full of some great things.

I’ve talked about a few of these things as well as added some of my own notes.

I don’t want to spoil everything.

But here are some of the other things that he goes into, which I am not covering on purpose:

Goldmund goes over how to approach women (and you can learn how to be more charming to help you out here) as well as what kinds of photos he likes to take of them (with links for examples). He even covers some of his approaches A-Z. Starting with the approach, the picture taking process and even where he switches into seduction mode with women, as I mentioned earlier.

Lastly, Goldmund even goes into a clever idea about how to make a little bit of money while meeting and seducing women. It’s a way to make a few bucks.

I will not say what his idea is out of respect for it being his book and his idea, but I will say it’s pure genius.

Not only will you meet more women, but you’ll also be indulging in something that will help make your own life more fun. And you’ll make some quick cash while you’re doing it! That way, even if you don’t snap any great images or seduce any women you can still make a little bit of money to make it worth your while.

Is it a way to get rich? No, it’s not. This is only a way to make back some of your investment and help keep you motivated on your bad days. Of which, there will be more than you’ll want. Sadly, that’s just a part of life. Not every day can be a smash hit.

Money, fun and women. What more could you ask for?

Here’s the link again so you don’t have to scroll all the way back up to the top for it 🙂

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