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How Safe Is Your Life From MeToo?15 minute read

I’ll start off by saying this: MeToo was a great thing when it first came out. It helped uncover some truly disgusting abuse that was taking place. And it gave a much needed voice to women who were in pain.

But that’s not what MeToo is now. MeToo isn’t about helping the abused anymore.

Today, it’s about power.

First, Some Slimy, Hypocritical Bullshit:

Quote from an article in the nytimes (my comments are in bold like this):

The Italian actress and director Asia Argento was among the first women in the movie business to publicly accuse the producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. She became a leading figure in the MeToo movement. Her boyfriend, the culinary television star Anthony Bourdain, eagerly joined the fight.

But in the months that followed her revelations about Mr. Weinstein last October, Ms. Argento quietly arranged to pay $380,000 to her own accuser: Jimmy Bennett, a young actor and rock musician who said she had sexually assaulted (first off, this isn’t sexual assault. THIS IS RAPE) him in a California hotel room years earlier, when he was only two months past his 17th birthday. She was 37. The age of consent in California is 18 (seriously, can you imagine if the genders were reversed? This guy would already be hanging from a tree with a noose around his neck).

MeToo Asia Argento picture in bed with a minor after raping him

Not only did she pay off her accuser, she later threatened him! This is one of the prominent leaders of MeToo that says you should listen and believe all who say they are abused. Only when it’s not done to them though because apparently they’re above their own rules:

MeToo Asia Argento threatening the minor she raped

Asia also threatened her good friend Rose when it all came out:

MeToo Asia Argento threatening her friend after threatening the minor she raped

Then There’s the Limp-Wristed Canadian Prime Minister

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is supposedly a huge believer of feminism and has a “zero tolerance” for this kinda MeToo stuff had his own allegations to answer for.

Here was his response (from the Washington Post):

“I remember that day in Creston well. It was an Avalanche Foundation event to support avalanche safety, I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all,” he said, nodding and smiling to reporters.

But on Thursday, he told reporters that he apologized to the woman in question “in the moment,” although he also said he is confident he “did not act inappropriately.”

So let me get this straight. He hears about the allegations and says he doesn’t recall anything happening, which means this woman must be lying. But wait! There’s more! He apologized to her in the moment.

So which is it? Did nothing happen, which means there’s nothing to apologize for or did something happen and he just wants to sweep it under the rug?

Next we have the storm that is Brett Kavanaugh…

Apparently he liked to get drunk.

Okay, not something I can relate to as I don’t even drink but to my recollection that’s pretty damn normal for young kids. Not exactly MeToo stuff in my opinion.

What’s not normal though, is the fact that people are already saying he’s guilty when Ford’s own witnesses’ are testifying that HE WASN’T EVEN THERE!!!

Furthermore, this is such a huge spit in the face of our constitution. It’s INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. NOT GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT!

Oh, I forgot, except when it’s someone like Asia Argento. Then it’s innocent until proven guilty and anyone who calls her out on her bullshit is a monster…

But let’s stop and think for a second, I agree that with even Asia Argento it should be innocent until proven guilty (which pretty much happened with that photograph for me).

Allow Me to Demonstrate Why:

*random high profile person who is of a different political persuasion than I am here* attempted to rape me.

No, there were only a few other witnesses but I can’t remember their names.

I don’t remember the date.

No, I don’t remember how I got away.

Nor do I remember who else was there.

I also don’t remember this or remember that. But what I do remember is that this person is a monster and deserves to go to prison! I remember MeToo!

Are you fucking kidding me!? Innocent until proven guilty was put in place by people much more politically savvy than I am, and I assume most other people in this country (I’m in the United States, for clarity).

They said innocent until proven guilty for a reason!

You can’t prove a negative! I read an answer on Quora that I thought was brilliant that I’ve modified a little bit demonstrating exactly what I mean:

Do unicorns exist? Probably not but try to prove it.

Do pink elephants that fly exist? Probably not but try to prove it.

You can’t! You cannot prove that they don’t exist because it’s literally impossible!

If you say something happened then it’s your job to prove it happened!

But that’s not what happens in today’s society. No, what happens in today’s society is that if you were born with a penis then you’re an automatic rapist.

It’s stupid and it makes my blood boil. MeToo has turned into a bullshit movement that’s all about power, it’s not about helping anyone.

MeToo Isn’t What it Used to Be

Like I said in the beginning, this started out as a great movement. It was very much needed. But now it’s like a cast for a broken arm that has already healed. It’s time to take the cast off.

And again, don’t get me wrong, if someone like Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby are guilty then give those fuckers a lengthy prison sentence.

But that’s not what this is about. This is outrageous. This is about a group of people who are weaponizing fear! They’re the very definition of a terrorist!

They’re politically motivated and they’re motivated by power by weaponizing fear.

That is the literal definition of a terrorist.

A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

And you can’t tell me this wasn’t politically motivated. How long was this letter kept under wraps? Why was it not brought out into the world back in July??

Why did they wait??

Because these disgusting terrorists want to win, that’s why. It’s not about helping people and it’s not about helping Ford. And it’s certainly not about helping women either.

It’s about power, plain and simple. And we’re going to have a lot of terrible consequences happen because of this.

Think about it like this, why on earth would a good person want to enter into politics now? Why would a good person want to even hire a woman now?

All it takes is literally one single word and your life is over. You are automatically guilty. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Where is this country going?

Here are 7 of my own personal fears about where we’re headed to.

MeToo Fear 1. What Does That Leave Us?

Listen, I’m sure both Left and Right can agree on one thing: Mexico’s tapwater is more trustworthy than our politicians.

But now? Now what? Now we have zero good people willing to go to bat for a society that’s going to try and destroy them.

I wouldn’t.

But you know who will go for it?

Power hungry psychopaths. Just like history tells us, any good men that try to go into that den of vipers to change things for the better is going to get bitten. And he’s going to die. He probably won’t die a literal death like back in Roman times, but he will die a social death.

That’s one fear that I have, because good people aren’t going to want to risk it.

It’s all MeToo stick and no carrot.

People, ultimately, are going to do what they think is in their best interest. And who would ever think that this is in their best interest? To have your name, your reputation and your honor destroyed like this?

As men, all we have are our names and our honor.

For evil to win all that needs to happen is for good men to do nothing.

And good people are going to do nothing simply out of fear. At least for a while.

Eventually there will come a time when change happens. Human beings are remarkably resilient and adaptable.

One lesson from history is that it’s always swinging back and forth, just like a pendulum. This is no exception.

But my ultimate first fear is this: how far are we going to swing in this direction, or the next? We’re already getting pretty crazy here.

MeToo Fear 2: The New Normal

What does this mean for normal men and normal women?

We’ve already seen some of the backlash of MeToo in business: there are greater numbers of men who are afraid to even work with women:

Do you think those situations are going to get better after this?

What about outside of business?

What does this tell men about women and women about men?

MeToo Fear 3: Good Men and Fear

Good Men are going to be afraid of women

Here’s part of a comment from one of my Quora answers on MeToo that I’m going to copy/paste here. Quick backstory: talking about the Asia Argento fiasco:

It’s just one example of many that this entire movement is bullshit. And that’s my original answer to this question.

It had some great things in the beginning, it really and truly did. We agree on that fact as well and we probably agree on the third fact that neither of us wants to see innocent people get hurt.

But that’s exactly what this movement is now doing! It’s destroying innocent lives!

It’s time to put the MeToo weapon down. Except nobody wants to. Instead people are getting drunk off the power that they now wield.

As a man, if this doesn’t terrify you then you’re not paying attention.

In my day job I get to hear stories of all kinds from men! Not all of them are true, but some of them are very true.

Just a few days ago there was a man that was convicted for raping a woman in a state that he wasn’t even in at the time! He had credit card charges well over 10 hours away and Church the next morning! According to her side of the story it was around 1am that he snuck into her house and raped her.

He had church 8 hours later! Which means that he would have had to make a 10 hour drive in 8 hours!!! And he was still convicted!

There are men that are pronounced not guilty of rape yet somehow guilty of getting a “forced” blowjob 5 god damn seconds before the actual alleged rape!

Who are these women giving out forced blowjobs?

Bite his fucking dick off!

This is literally the only political thing in my life that I’ve ever paid attention to. I think all good/successful politicians are liars and probably psychopaths that wouldn’t hesitate for a second to take me or you out to a field and shoot us if it meant winning. I’d rather trust Mexico’s tap water than a politician.

But this…. this is something that needs to be stopped at all costs!

This has the potential to literally destroy our entire gender!

What kind of lesson is this telling our children, or even our peers?

Cry Rape and Win

It’s an automatic win. Just do it. Nobody will question you and you’ll win. Everyone else be damned. Innocent men be damned. Women that are actually raped be damned. Everybody else be damned.

It’s like bringing a nuclear warhead to a knife fight. You’re going to automatically win by destroying everything. Including yourself!

I used Asia Argento because it’s one of the easiest examples of blatant and unrepentant hypocrisy.

But what about all of the rape cases that are later proven false against college athletes?

What about the ones that are going to come, and don’t try to say there won’t be more. There are going to be more.

A guy doesn’t kiss a girls ass? Cry rape, fuck him.

A guy breaks up with a girl? Cry rape, fuck him.

A psychopathic bitch that beats on someone every day and hurts her hand? Cry rape, fuck him.

This is a terrifying reality that we have to stop.

MeToo is a nuclear weapon in a world where everybody else is fighting with sticks and stones.

And this terrifies me as I think it should terrify men everywhere.

Is just any woman out there going to press the big red button and use the nuke codes? No, not all women will do it.

But women do it, and a lot of women do it. It’s even happened within my family. This has affected me personally. 

Look at all of the college athletes, there are plenty of examples in just college alone!

Just look at Brett and Ford. She’s lying her ass off about Brett. Was she actually assaulted? I don’t know, but I do know one thing:

MeToo Fear 4: A Powerful and Pissed Off Man

The Left has made an enemy in a very powerful man who is going to be biased from here on out.

Just out of spite, the Right is going to retaliate.

There was another guy on Quora who had this to say, and it sums it up marvelously:

A man who chooses to throw rocks at a crocodile in the river had better first make sure that he won’t ever have to then swim in those waters.

We’re All Swimming in Those Waters

Make no mistake, we’re going to have to swim in those shit infested waters from now on.

It doesn’t matter if Brett was a good guy or a bad guy a month ago. It literally doesn’t matter if his heart was in the right place before.

Because guess what happens now:

He’s going to be fucking pissed.

He may have had good intentions going in before all of this but I can guarantee that he’s going to get revenge.

Is that the way it should be?

No, but that’s reality.

Everyone on the left should be terrified because it looks like he’s going to win and be elected. And he’s going to make all of your lives a living hell for it.

If he doesn’t win, then the loose-cannon Trump (like him or hate him neither side can argue that he’s not a loose-cannon) is likely to find the most hateful Conservative he can find to appoint next and just say “fuck you” to everyone.

He’s done similar things in the past before and I wouldn’t put it past him to do it this time.

Everyone on the left has made an enemy in a powerful man. And that was the dumbest thing they could have possibly done.

You don’t tease a hungry lion when you have to sleep next to it. It’s just stupid. Which somehow, is exactly what’s happened.

MeToo Fear 5: That This Becomes the New Norm:

So she’s not concerned about innocent people??

The fact that this isn’t hate speech is astounding! How is this not hate speech when they’re silencing other people for comparatively less?

Now, I hate politics and I think most [successful] politicians are all evil and untrustworthy. That goes for both the Right and the Left, but this is insane. They banned a guy for making a harmless joke while it’s perfectly okay for people to say that innocent people suffering is more than okay.

It’s like the Salem Witch trials right now, except it’s more like the Western Civilization Men Trials.

If you’re a man you’re an automatic rapist until proven innocent, guilty until proven innocent.

Unfortunately, you can’t prove a negative. Innocent until proven guilty is no longer in effect.

The very constitution is being destroyed.

If this doesn’t terrify you then I don’t know what will.

MeToo Fear 6: Forget What This Tells Men About Women

What does this tell women about men?

Cry rape and win.

Scream rape and destroy his life.

It’s what all of the cool kids are doing.

We are teaching our peers and our kids that you can destroy someone’s life on a whim and nothing will happen to you.

That means that these false accusations will never have any repercussions. Not unless Brett decides to do anything about it. 

Neither direction is good for us.

But back to the no repercussions part, because that’s a ways off even if it does happen.

What we’re literally teaching people is that you can do this and nothing bad will happen to you.

Humans + Power = Catastrophe

Us human beings are oftentimes not very saintly when it comes to power.

When you give someone absolute power, when you give an entire gender absolute power, what will happen?

Because that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

You’re giving women everywhere absolute power.

If a woman doesn’t like what you just said?


You’re at risk of becoming a rapist!

Is that our reality right now? Absolutely not.

Will that become our reality? More than likely not.

But when you give human beings power what are they going to do with it?

They’re going to do whatever they want with it, that’s what. Some people are going to indulge themselves and start thinking that they’re better than everyone else just because they have power *cough Hitler cough*.

Is that good for society? Is that good for our future?

MeToo Fear 7: Women Will No Longer Be Believed in the Future

Good men and women are going to get fed up with this bullshit. It’s going to happen eventually.

When will it happen? I don’t know. But it’s absolutely certain that it will happen.

Just like the boy who cried wolf eventually all women are going to be viewed as liars.

The pendulum will swing and it’s going to get to a point where people are going to come to the other extreme and irrational opinion that men aren’t even capable of rape!

It will be a knee-jerk reaction based purely out of hurt, fear and anger.

And it’s the fault of people like Ford and all of these other college-aged women making false claims.

Right now men are guilty until proven innocent, but mark my words, history has taught us that it swings on a pendulum. When it goes one way it goes back the other way an equal amount.

It probably won’t be tomorrow, nor will it probably be within a year or so. But it will happen.

That pendulum will swing in the other direction.

And then it will be all women who are on trial. They’ll all be looked at as liars until proven otherwise.

This Hurts Everyone

It doesn’t hurt everyone the same way or even at the same time.

The young women of today’s society probably won’t experience this backlash.

But your daughters will.

Think about that future. Because we’re creating it right now.

Right now we’re teaching our children some disgusting lessons. Ask yourself, what happens to children who are taught disgusting things?

Think about your sons and think about your daughters.

I don’t know what kind of world they’re going to grow up in, but to me it looks disgusting.

And I’m afraid. Afraid of both what’s going to happen as well as the current MeToo environment we find ourselves in.

But Keep Moving Forward, no matter what

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