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If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes – Albert… Tweet This

As mentioned in the parent article to this one (Law of Attraction: 6 Secrets to Winning at Life), your brain has an interesting super power. A super power, or brain hack, that we can ruthlessly tear into to reach our dreams.

And it doesn’t matter what your dreams happen to be. Whether it’s to make a ton of money and become the next Tony Stark, or if it’s to become more attractive to women and feel more confident. This brain hack will help you do it all because it’s a process.

A process that you can take into anything to help you get what you want.

That brain hack is this: if you ask it a question it will find an answer for you.

It might not be a helpful answer, it might not even be the correct answer, but it will find an answer for you.

The brain loves answering questions, and in fact, questions hijack the brain.

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The Ultimate Brain Hack: Questions

Questions are a brain hack
Hack into your brain with questions!

Knowing this, you can take advantage of this brain hack. Most people will ask questions like “why doesn’t she like me?”

Asking something like this will give him reasons why a girl doesn’t like him. “Oh I know, it’s because I’m not blank enough” or “She’s just too blank”.

But instead of asking a negative question like most people do, what I’m asking you to do is ask this instead:

What do women find attractive in men?

Why do I want you to ask yourself that instead?

A few reasons:

  • It keeps you in a positive frame of mind, which makes you seem smarter (though this is somewhat debatable, more on this down below)
  • Staying positive allows you to avoid spiraling down into victim mode. Because victims don’t achieve their dreams
  • You take advantage of this brain hack and come up with answers that help you

For one, it puts you into a more positive frame of mind and helps keep you relaxed. Here’s an example that I can certainly relate to, to show you what I mean:

Can You Relate?

There you were, sitting at your desk staring at a test question you were studying the night before. You knew even then that you should have known the answer to that question. But for some reason you couldn’t remember the right answer in the moment.

Your brain failed you.

What’s even worse, after turning in your test and going about your day you probably remembered the answer. Hours later. When it was too little too late. Gee, thanks brain, could have used that one a few hours ago. That’s the power of stress making you dumber.

A Google Search

In fact, this is something that quite a few publications talk about. Staying in a positive frame of mind makes you smarter (though interestingly enough nobody links to the study they all talk about and I have yet to see the study itself). Here’s the Google Search to see for yourself.

Lots of people talking about it, but not many people linking to the study itself.

What I think is actually happening is that staying in a positive frame of mind keeps you relaxed. Rather than making you smarter, it reduces stress allowing your mind more freedom to do what it needs to do.

Basically; positivity doesn't make you smarter. Negativity causes your brain to lock up like a broken bike chain Tweet This

After your brain locks up it makes you seem dumber. The stress is more or less acting like a giant mental obstacle. An obstacle that blocks your way to the information that you need in the moment.

But later, when you’re not under that stress the mind obstacle disappears. That allows your brain access to the information and POOF! You now know what you needed to know earlier.

Victims Don’t Reach Their Dreams

Time for some tough love if this is you:

If you’re in victim mode, which questions like “why doesn’t she like me?” box you into, you will never succeed at anything. Now, don’t get me confused, I don’t mean that questions like those automatically make you a victim. In some cases they can be extremely helpful, even necessary. Just stay away from them when they don’t help you and instead stick to positive framed ones. Because it’s going to keep you out of victim mode and on the way to achieving the results you want. Victims are in victim mode because they’re whiny losers. Don’t be a whiny loser.

Remember what we went over earlier; about the super power brain hack? About how your mind loves answering questions?

Whenever someone asks a question like the above, it puts them into a negative frame of mind. As we’ve covered, negativity is a virus.

Negativity does to your mind what downloading viruses and malware from sketchy porn sites does to your computer Tweet This

Get Useful Answers

Probably the number one reason to ask questions from a positive frame of mind over a negative one; you get useful information.

Because honestly, which of these is better?

  1. Why do I suck?
    1. It’s because of blank, blank and blank
      1. Oh… that sucks…
        1. Yeah…
  2. How do I get this thing that I want?
    1. Well, we could try blank, blank or blank and see what happens
      1. Okay!
        1. *Maybe one of them works and bam! You now have what you want! Or none of them works and you try something else until you get what you want

Which would you rather have?

Sure, the second option kind of sucks in the beginning, but eventually if you stick to it long enough you will succeed in the long run. Especially if you combine working harder with working smarter.

Brain Hack Questions to Ask Yourself:

Here are a few general questions to help get you started whenever you’re trying to do something (also check out this post on how to learn anything like a child prodigy).

  • What’s the purpose?
  • What does a successful outcome look and feel like?
  • Why is this my goal?
  • What do I ultimately want?
  • Is this helping me to reach my goal?

What’s The Purpose?

Whenever you come across some new advice, or when you try something new, this should be the first thing that comes across your mind.

Why is that?

Because it’s a question with multiple answers depending on how you frame it:

What’s the purpose…

  • of the advice?
  • the person behind the advice?
  • of even trying it?

Let’s look at some examples using this very blog you’re reading!

What’s the purpose of the advice?

The purpose of this website is to help give you the tools to change your life. Change your life for the better and take control of your own destiny. Because once enough men start taking command of their own destinies those same men are going to change the world.

What’s the purpose of the person behind the advice?

The above is the ultimate reason behind everything that I’m doing here. I want you to help me change the world. To do that, I need to help give you what you want.

No exceptions.

What’s the purpose of even trying it?

To get what you want. Plain and simple.

What do you want? Do you want to become more attractive to women? Are you trying to upgrade your social life and make more friends? What about gaining more respect among people and gaining the ability to charm anyone?

I am here to help you achieve all of that and more.

What Will The Result Look And Feel Like?

My end result will be different than yours. I don’t know what your current goals are. If you sign up for coaching in that last link, then I can learn more about you and your goals to help you get there better and faster.

All I can do through this post is give you the information that will help you do different things. This post in particular will give you a brain hack to ask questions and shortcut your way to living the life of your dreams.

Why is This My Goal and What Do I Want?

There will be a follow-up article in this series that covers this more in-depth, but for now:

If a goal doesn’t speak to you in some way, emotionally, then it’s not a goal worth having.

You can read this blog all day, but in the end, if what is written on here doesn’t move you in some way then you shouldn’t read it.

If the idea of taking command of your life doesn’t appeal to you, no harm no foul, we’re not a match.

However, if the goal is a match but I’m not a match for you then check out this post (The Ultimate List of People to Help You Change Your Life).

Don’t worry, even though I’d love it if you bought my stuff, it’s nothing to do with that. That post is a list of people that have helped me change my life.

And chances are, even if you don’t like me, then you’ll probably like a few people on that list. That way, you can still get the tools you need to change your life for the better.

Sometimes that means showing you someone else who you will get along with better. If you do decide to leave me for someone else, then that’s still a win for me. Because it still helps you change your life.

It still helps me change the world through you, which is my life mission.

Is This Helping Me Reach My Goal?

If those things don’t align with what you want, or your own goals, then it makes things simple.

It won’t work for you and you shouldn’t waste your time.

This applies to you learning from other people or even from me. If what you’re learning about doesn’t serve you then you shouldn’t waste your time.

If it doesn’t work for you and your desires then it doesn’t work. Doesn’t make it or anything else bad or misleading advice, but it does help you figure out what will help you and what won’t.

Always ask yourself “What do I want?”

Because that is going to guide you more than all of the advice in the world.

As Always, Keep Moving Forward

Quick Note: If you’d like to learn how to hack your own brain, then schedule a time to talk with me here. It’s free as long as you promise to send a testimonial after 🙂

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