3 Charisma Killers That MURDER Your First Impressions

When talking to clients and trying to network with other business professionals you already recognize and understand how important it is to come across confidently, charismatically and charmingly. That’s because it will allow you to trigger feelings in other people that causes them to believe that you know what you’re talking about and want to listen to you.

Therefore, in this email gift we’re going to cover a few things that MASSACRE anyone’s chances of feeling and acting confident. This means that you can naturally, simply and automatically avoid the mistakes and instead cause others to view you as someone worth listening to.

Number 1:

The first mistake that most people make in business settings starts before they even talk to anyone. It’s something that you can get started on before you even leave the door for a networking event or even during a sales pitch.

And it has to do with your body language.

Body language has the singular power to command respect for yourself from others or even to cause others to be looked down upon.

For a longer article click here for the ultimate guide to body posture or here for a shorter version.

But! To help get you started here are a few quick tips that you can implement right away:

The 3-Point Posture Rule:

But that’s just the first charisma killer, let’s get to the next one that costs people money:

Number 2:

The second most common mistake that I see people making is that they don’t maximize the power in their voices! They speak without conviction and this triggers others to see them as weak and pathetic.

You’ll recognize that if you want to make more money you’ll need to come across positively and powerfully which means having a commanding voice and tonality.

For the complete guide, check out these articles (for the quick version see below):

  1. How to Get a Deep Voice naturally and easily without destroying your throat in the process
  2. How to Stand Up For Yourself P1: A Powerful Voice
  3. 7 Ways to Command Respect Through Dominance

Here’s a quick and dirty guide for now though:

  1. You have three different vocal tonalities
    1. Rapport Seeking
      1. Comes across as friendly, but weak
  2. Rapport Neutral
    1. Doesn’t hurt you but doesn’t help you
  3. Rapport Breaking
    1. Can come across as unfriendly but does command respect
  1. There’s a neat trick in the first article on how to mix all three together to get the positive effects of all of them without any of the drawbacks
  2. To maximize the power in your voice:
    1. Mind your posture (first charisma tip)
    2. Speak from your stomach, not your chest
      1. To help with this, imagine the air going into your mouth and nose, down your throat and filling up your stomach
      1. If your chest moves while you breath then you’re not maximizing your breath or your voice
      1. Just doing this alone will result in a deeper voice, even without focusing on the tonalities

With just these two tips alone you’ll notice an immediate difference in the respect people give to you. But that’s only two of the three tips you were promised, this next one will trigger an even greater transformation. Let’s get to it:

Number 3:

This tip is about how to become more dominant without becoming a tyrannical and domineering asshole.

There are a few different critical components of coming across confidently and charismatically, the most important of which we will go over in a few days. One of them we will cover right now:

It’s about commanding respect and power.

You cannot be charismatic without the respect of other people because otherwise nobody will take you seriously. And the way to gain that respect is to tap into your natural dominance as a man.

Just like the two tips before, there is a longer article on this that you can look at: How to Become a Dominant Man.

As this is more of a mindset than anything else, the fast guide for this tip will be about eliminating ‘weak signals’ in your body language. Just by doing this you’ll be leagues above most others (especially after you fix your body posture from the first tip). That means not doing this like:

  1. Touching the back of your neck
  2. Scratching imaginary itches
  3. Touching your face all the time
  4. Wringing your hands together
  5. Opening up the collar of your shirt
  6. Having closed off body language (arms crossed, for example)
  7. Anything that betrays stress

The reason for this is because dominant, powerful men and women are in control of themselves and their lives. They’re also open to the world and other people because they have nothing to fear.

If you want a more in-depth look at how to become more dominant then check out the article, but for now, these are the quick versions of some of the most vile and insidious charisma killers out there that I see that will ruin anyone’s impression of you.

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